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Papo Sanchez...
28 March 2017

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18 August 2012

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Late afternoon
17 August 2012

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16 August 2012

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15 August 2012

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19 June 2012

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Camiño da casa....
17 June 2012

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Paul Gasol
5 March 2012

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1 March 2012

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Menhires x la paz...
30 November 2011

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La LaGRiMa...
3 June 2011

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AMoR de CaBaLLo...
18 September 2009

Recent Comments

L'Angevine on Papo Sanchez...
bon travail

L'Angevine on Ayer...

L'Angevine on Sacristán... de Arona

omid on Late afternoon
woow! very nice! very nice!

omid on Colours...
very nice! Beautiful colors!

Christopher on Late afternoon
Very nice photo:)!!

Basile Pesso on Late afternoon
Good use of the flash and very good POV and compo !

CUKITA on The teacher

Mowgli on VoRáGiNe
La rade de Villefranche. Je suis allé m'y baigner aujourd'hui :)).

Basile Pesso on Gogós
@L'Angevine : fort bien ! Muy bien !

l'Angevine on Gogós
eh bien je ne sais pas si je peux en faire autant mais je peux porter ces minis shorts en jeans

☺ ► ƸɼiϾ ◄ ☼ on Gogós
ha ha funny shot have a nice sunday ☼

alex centrella on The teacher
too cool .

SalSa on The teacher

Mariana M. on The teacher
cool portrait :)

Mooie on The teacher
Great shot! I get a sense of the man and his current surroundings... so cool :)

bettty on DeGuSTuS...

omid on Insua
wooow! very nice!!! Beautiful colors!!!

Mehdi Monadi on Insua
very nice

running on Paul Gasol
¡E de qué maneira seguen a madurar os teus froitos! Máis ¿a cántos pertence a ...

klausz on Paul Gasol
extraordinary pov and capture! superb idea and processing!

Jose Luis on Román Morales García
Jose Luis from Spain he podido resistir mandarte este correo para darte las gracias..... No soy muy ...

Jose Luis on Paul Gasol he podido resistir mandarte este correo para darte las gracias..... No soy muy habitual en esto de ...

omid on ChanTal

omid on Paul Gasol
very nice! good idea!

MONICA on PiRaMiDe...
You chose a powerful angle, nice work :)

klausZ on PiRaMiDe...
great pov and capture!

klausZ on CaMiNiTo...
great capture, like this landscape!

klausz on Mentiras...
great find and captured, fantastic colorful motive!

klausZ on Naturaleza ViVa
great capture and framing!

Paul on Naturaleza ViVa
Nice image

thami on Lema franquista...
Bien encadré! Je préfère cette présence anarchique et spontanée des graffiti ! Bonne ...

Shahriar choobin on Porto

Shahriar choobin on Menhires x la paz...

Francisco Romero on Menhires x la paz...
Buen encuadre y punto de vista.

Soheil on Porto
nice shot well done

Ana Lúcia on Porto
Love how you filled the frame here.

Nina on Río Arno
Stunning reflection and color...bravo!

Siepi on Río Arno
Superbe!! Great reflection, nice framing.

klausZ on WaiTiNG... for you
great atmosphere and mood! wish to sit there and enjoy it! superb!

klausZ on flying man...
perfect timing and capture!!!

jay on flying man...
Nice Timing.....lovely expressions captured well

Curly on flying man...
Yes! Wonderful timing.

Paco Penas on Román Morales García
the portrait was made ​​naturally from the model. I only shoot him :-)

klausZ on Román Morales García
sorry, but my spanish is really bad, so the understanding of your text is .... :-( i only could say something ...

klausZ on CRuX
great processing, i like this zoom effect!

alex centrella on CRuX
nice shot ..!

klausZ on Mi modelo
who shoot him? ;-) funny scenery and well capured!

barbod on Meditation Techniques ...
very nice

klausZ on SiaM PaRK
crowding summer feeling! ;-) interesting treatment!

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